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Impactful Storytelling Series: Influence your Audience with Data (APAC)

| 1 hour, 5 minutes

Data can be crucial to a presentation, building a business case, or making decisions, but what are the right metrics to use and how much data is too much? Data storytelling offers a more engaging means of communicating findings than machine learning algorithms or data visualization alone. This trend is an extension of the now-dominant self-service model of business intelligence, combining data visualization with narrative techniques. Join this complimentary webinar, the second of a three-part series on impactful storytelling, to find out how you can effectively elevate your stories with data to achieve your desired outcome, no matter your role in the organization. You’ll be able to get your more pressing questions answered by a local Gartner expert.

  • Know what makes a story a data story

  • Determine when and how data storytelling should be used in APAC

  • Identify the new skills and techniques you need to create compelling data stories

Return to this web page to watch this webinar. Contact us at with questions about viewing this webinar.

Hosted by

Kurt Schlegel

VP Analyst

Fay Fei


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