Information Technology

7 Disruptions You May Not See Coming in 2022-2027

| 1 hour

Disruption is an ever-present fact of life. However, not all disruptions are born equal. The 7 disruptions examined in this session all promise seismic, generational change and contain the potential to make and break fortunes. The metaverse, flying cars, digital humans, decentralized autonomous organizations, wireless electric vehicle charging, graphene and disposable technology, could reshape industries such as transportation, entertainment, construction, medicine, and the technology industry itself. Seismic change does not happen overnight but ignoring a disruption in its early stages typically makes the entry price later in the disruption’s development cycle more costly. Join this complimentary webinar to examine how CIOs and IT leaders can evaluate, track and plan for 7 major disruptions in the coming years.

  • Hear about 7 disruptive ideas and technologies that have the potential to upend business as usual

  • Gain insight on edge of the radar trends to understand the threats and opportunities they present

  • Get competition ready to act faster and more decisively than others

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Ben Pring

VP Analyst

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