Boost Pipeline Growth With Gartner’s Enterprise Change Readiness Profiles

| 1 hour

We are all familiar with how to segment buyers based on psychographics and their persona. However, we frequently just use firmographics to segment and group buyer organizations. This approach lacks crucial components of organizational context that are essential to effectively and efficiently engaging buyers and approaching sales. In this complimentary webinar, our Gartner experts will share how to better understand the key indicators of different enterprise dynamics and develop 4 unique customer profiles.  We will explain how you can use these customer profiles to target sales approaches and improve your pipeline growth and account management. 

  • Discover how traditional methods for segmenting and tiering accounts are insufficient when it comes to targeting opportunities to drive growth

  • Find out how progressive sales and marketing organizations target their approach to engaging different types of customers 

  • Explore different strategies to tailor customer engagement strategies

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Hosted by

Daniel Hawkyard

Principal, Advisory

Michael Aaron Katz

Director, Research

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