Information Technology

4 Steps to Deliver on Digital Investments

| 1 hour

The Gartner 2023 CIO and Technology Executive Agenda highlighted critical actions for CIOs to deliver the dividends that CEOs and top executives expect after years of digital investment. With digital business accelerating, companies must evolve their business models with new financial models and metrics to achieve desired business outcomes. In this free webinar, a Gartner expert will outline how leading CIOs radically reframe their organization’s value proposition and how their technology departments create value.

  • Identify the enterprise-wide business outcomes your CEO wants, prioritize digital initiatives that support them (and pause or stop others), and find your business co-partner to lead them

  • Create a visual metrics hierarchy to communicate the interdependencies across related initiatives

  • Loan key IT talent to fusion teams and to communities of practice to foster business technologists

  • Engage talent from unconventional sources to progress internal projects/products that have an impact on business outcomes

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Daniel Sanchez Reina

VP Analyst

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