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Pivot Like a Top-performing Tech CEO to Overcome Growth Stalls

| 1 hour

In the journey to product-market fit and beyond, three out of every four tech CEOs will encounter at least one growth stall. Tech CEOs must be mindful of the risks and signs of impending growth stalls so that they can proactively pivot their organization to beyond these chasms. Pivot refers to the experience of a significant business change that requires an organization to make material modifications to their products/services, go to market fundamentals, platforms/technologies or customer-oriented priorities. Join this complimentary webinar which will unlock the key pivot strategies and experiences of modern-day tech providers ranging from pre-revenue to $250 million in annual revenues. Plus, you will hear how top performing tech CEOs assess the need, validate the approach, and navigate pivots to strengthen their organization.

  • Discover the likelihood, causes and implications of growth stalls

  • Understand and approach the inevitable pivot

  • Navigate pivots like a top performing tech CEO

Return to this web page to watch the webinar. Contact us at with questions about registering or watching.

Hosted by

Eric Hunter

VP Analyst


Mark Petty

Sr Director Analyst

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