Information Technology

Future of Work/Life in 2030: A Day in the City

| 1 hour

There will be unprecedented change in how we work, what we work on, and how we live through the end of the decade. Much of this technology-driven change is underway today. How will industries, work styles and lifestyles change? Join this complimentary webinar as Gartner experts guide you through a day in the life of an urban professional in 2030 so you can discover the evolving business models and advances in AI, networking, IoT, robotics and data collection that will change how we live.

Discussion Topics:
  • Learn how data collection and edge computing can transform industries
  • How metaverse-type concepts around merging the digital and physical can change everyday life
  • How data ubiquity forces a realignment of job roles, work environments and consumer services

Contact us at with questions about watching.

Hosted by

Matt Cain

Distinguished VP Analyst


Lane Severson

Sr Director Analyst, KI Leader

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