Human Resources

Invitational Program: 6 Solutions for HR Executives to Win the War for Talent

| 1 hour, 30 minutes

  • Understand the 6 solutions that can solve attraction and retention challenges
  • Hear from peer CHROs on how they're keeping pace with the evolving talent market
  • Use Gartner models to aid you in the war for talent

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Discussion Topics:

HR executives must fight a war for talent on multiple fronts. Competition is steep, with 49% of candidates considering at least two other offers in addition to yours. The labor market evolved rapidly over the last year, and there is a sudden surge in demand, pent-up attrition levels and candidates expecting more autonomy over how, when and where they work. Organizations that do not address these challenges risk higher levels of turnover, decreased engagement, and paying a higher level of premiums to attract talent. Join this exclusive Invitational Program virtual session to discover the six solutions to attract and retain talent. Plus, a panel of your peers shares how they address these challenges. You also learn how tools such as the Gartner HR Scoring model help you measure, prioritize and improve HR's effectiveness.

Hosted by

Marguerite Ulrich

Executive Partner, Bus Services


Christopher Long

Sr Director, Advisory

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