Financial Services

Optimize Client Referrals Across Business Lines To Drive Revenue

| 1 hour

Financial services leaders face the critical challenge of operating in a virtual sales environment where prospects are difficult to find and engage. This makes it challenging to attract new clients and revenue to the organization. One solution is to look close to home: Other business lines within your organization often contain promising pools of potential new customers. These customers already have an established relationship with the firm, potentially increasing the likelihood of conversion. Yet, many leaders have not maximized this challenging opportunity. This complimentary webinar reveals the actions financial services leaders should take to optimize referrals across lines of business and drive growth.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Discover where to find new customers already in your financial services organization
  • Explore the challenges of expanding an existing customer’s relationship with your firm
  • Learn the actions financial services leaders must take to drive new growth

Hosted by

Benjamin Seesel

VP, Advisory


Sophia Palmstedt

Principal, Advisory

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