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Panel Discussion: Global Business Implications for Vaccine Passports

| 1 hour

A growing number of countries in Europe, Asia and North America are preparing to reopen their borders to international travelers who are vaccinated. So, what does that mean for businesses and your organization? If we are to widely resume prepandemic activities, the public and private sectors must work together to create a single, standardized vaccine verification system framework more akin to the traditional passport data exchange that border agents, airlines, hotels, educators and others trust to be authentic and true. However, it must be based on globally accepted and adopted interoperability standards if we are to restore both regional economies and the global travel and tourism industry, with a limited impact on individual rights. In this complimentary webinar, a panel of Gartner experts looks at the current initiatives to institute global vaccine certification standards, what it will mean for you and your organization, and whether you should expect to carry a vaccine passport in the near future.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Whether you soon will need a COVID-19 vaccine passport for personal and business activities
  • The current state of play for global standards for digital vaccine certificates
  • How digital enables re-openings and must coexist with other means, such as paper

Hosted by

Chris Audet

Director, Team Manager


Donna Medeiros

Sr Director Analyst


Chris Howard

Distinguished VP Analyst


Ben Kaner

Sr Director Analyst

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