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Panel Discussion: Global Leaders' Insights to Gaining New Speed & Agility

| 1 hour

Nearly 90% of board members say they want stronger cross-functional collaboration to drive recovery from the pandemic and enable new growth. Meanwhile, CEOs most often cite speed and agility as the traits they admire in companies that have navigated the crisis well. Two common threads appear in best practices well-suited for this moment: Sharing, and yes, ceding — control, money, data — leads to speed, if it’s done right; and good change is still more change, so new arrangements should account for exhaustion. This complimentary webinar brings together a panel of Gartner experts who will spotlight companies across the globe who are setting the pace on reorganizing for speed and agility, including reinventing traditional function-to-function relationships, shifting business unit attitudes toward budgets, and building cooperative data platforms.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Improve sales with a unified commercial team purpose-built for servicing customers
  • Get 4 lessons for driving growth with a digital ecosystem
  • Be ready for 21st century threats with dynamic risk governance

Hosted by

Brent Adamson

Distinguished VP, Research


Meghna Joshi

Principal, Research

Malcolm Murray

VP, Team Manager and Fellow, Strategy, Risk, Audit & Newsdesk Group

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