Scale Your Customer Success Approach To Target Silver, Tier B Accounts

| 1 hour

You already know the benefits of Customer Success for your high-value accounts, but does your approach go far enough? There are compelling reasons to expand Customer Success to your silver or tier B accounts to drive adoption and expansion. This complimentary webinar presents a clearly defined, phased approach to maturing your Customer Success practice. We will explore a model for building this practice, a phased approach for optimizing silver / tier B accounts, and how an investment in technology will enable a shift from reactive to proactive and prescriptive Customer Success. Plus, you will hear directly from VP of Commercial Client Services, Benjamin Simms, on how he uses Customer Success to enable new growth.

Return to this web page to watch the webinar. Contact us at with questions about watching.

Discussion Topics:
  • Discover best practices for account scoring and segmentation
  • Run a Customer Success motion with tier B and tier C accounts
  • Determine where to apply digital or human touches

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