Information Technology

Strategy to Action: 5 Steps CIOs Can Take to Sustainable IT

| 30 minutes

The world faces formidable sustainability challenges and is increasingly turning to technology in search of solutions. The same global trend is also materializing in enterprises, which seek to advance their sustainability goals with technology investment. At the same time, there is a growing pressure to make technology itself more sustainable. This complimentary webinar, one of a four-part series, will explore the role of the CIO and the IT organization in the new strategic environment. We share the five steps CIOs need to take to achieve sustainable IT.

Discussion Topics:
  • What role the CIO and the IT organization have in corporate sustainability
  • Which technology areas stand to unlock the biggest sustainability gains
  • How the COP26 takeaways may change the technology landscape

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Hosted by

Simon Mingay

VP Analyst


Aapo Markkanen

Sr Director Analyst

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