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Strategy to Action: Create New Value With a Digital Sustainability Platform

| 30 minutes

The number of CEOs who list environmental sustainability as a top business priority rose 303%. Executive leaders need to identify and implement the right technology building blocks to address material issues. This complimentary webinar, one of a four-part series, provides an overview of digital sustainability, a new technology framework that enterprises can adopt to deliver business outcomes like net zero and human rights, while creating new value for the organization. You will learn how digital sustainability can help you make faster progress with material issues and also identify new, technology-enabled growth opportunities.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Discover what digital sustainability is
  • Identify ways digital sustainability can help make faster progress with material issues
  • Go beyond compliance by identifying new, technology-enabled growth opportunities

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Hosted by

Kristin Moyer

Distinguished VP Analyst


Aapo Markkanen

Sr Director Analyst

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