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Supply Chain Leaders Should Reassess Their Sales & Operations Planning Approach

| 1 hour

The rising tide of rapid disruptions makes traditional sales and planning operations (S&OP) goals increasingly obsolete. Supply chain planning leaders now must plan for a range of future circumstances by creating a culture that explores risks and opportunities and presenting scenarios to drive action. Yet, most supply chain leaders are not sure where to start developing their scenario planning capabilities. Only 18% of companies rate their performance at using S&OP for running multiple scenarios to understand trade-offs as excellent. Companies lack a standardized approach to scenario planning and a culture that explores risks and opportunities. Companies struggle to translate the exploration of risks and opportunities into better decision making. This complimentary webinar will help supply chain planning leaders use sales and operations planning to better assess their risks and opportunities going forward.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Identify risks and opportunities that might impact the demand or supply plan
  • Develop a culture that uses a common language to identify risks and opportunities
  • Use risks and opportunities to drive sales and operations planning decision making

Hosted by

Cristina Carvallo

Director Analyst

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