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The 8 Quality Management Trends You Need to Prepare for 2025 (AEST)

| 1 hour

Accelerating digital transformation, changing business models and expanding customer demands make quality management leaders question how much longer their current approach will be effective. They often ask, “What does quality management look like in 2025, and how do I prepare for it?” This complimentary webinar will help quality leaders prepare their companies for the future by understanding the eight trends that require their attention, and sharing how the value, scope, governance and implementation of quality management will change by 2025.

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Discussion Topics:
  • What will impact the effectiveness of your current approach to quality management
  • What quality management will look like in 2025 and how to prepare for it
  • The 8 quality management trends that require your attention

Hosted by

Lusi Zheng

Sr Director, Advisory

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