Information Technology

U.S. Infrastructure Deal Impacts on State & Local Broadband Plans

| 1 hour

The recent U.S. Federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal allocated $65 billion to expand broadband in communities across the United States, with the objective of improving connectivity for rural areas, low-income populations and tribal communities. What can state and local governments do to maximize the new funding and the opportunities it offers? Join this complimentary public sector webinar as a panel of Gartner experts look at the implications and actions this raises for public sector organizations’ broadband initiatives.

Discussion Topics:
  • How infrastructure deal funding flows from the U.S. government to states and localities
  • Technical factors to consider when developing a state or local broadband plan
  • The political and practical implications from a state and local government perspective

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Hosted by

Susan Welsh de Grimaldo

Sr Director Analyst


Alia Mendonsa

Sr Director Analyst

Jane Reeve

Executive Partner

Annette Dunn

Executive Partner

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