Information Technology

Virtual Briefing: Alternative Organisational Models for IT/OT Alignment

| 1 hour

CIOs of manufacturing organisations that extensively use operational technologies (OT), such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs), are on a quest to optimise and modernise IT. They need IT/OT alignment to ensure continued growth and success, but as companies mature their capabilities to align and integrate their IT and operational technology groups, the overall governance and organisational structure comes under scrutiny. This invitation-only, complimentary session looks at why CIOs should use alternative scenarios with a logical progression of changes to fit the company’s goals.

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Discussion Topics:
  • IT/OT convergence and alignment requires organisational changes on both sides
  • How you can turn a culture of risk aversion into a motivator for IT/OT alignment
  • Two paths to achieve an integrated IT/OT

Hosted by

Marcus Judge

Sr Executive Partner


Ivar Berntz

Sr Director Analyst

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