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Virtual Briefing: Get Ready for Postpandemic Buying Behaviors and Sales Mindsets

| 1 hour, 30 minutes

How much time do you think a buyer spends with vendors? The amount of information available is growing and there are many new channels, such as digital, that create more confusion for buyers. You would think buyers would need to interact more with the vendors during the buying journey to provide guidance, right? Yet, buyers today spend only 17% of their buyer journey with vendors, and Gartner expects that to be reduced another 2 to 5% by 2023. Moreover, hoping your sellers will just sell more is false. Only 54% of salespeople achieve quota. Go-to-market (GTM) models are broken and not aligned to buying behaviors.

This invitation-only, complimentary session will help you better align your go-to-market models with your salespeople’s efforts to meet your buyers’ needs and expectations. We will explore current buying behaviors, the proof points, differentiators and vertical industry insights that work, and how to enable a selling approach, not just a sales approach, to end-to-end revenue production. You also will hear first-hand from a fellow country leader on how they’re adapting to changing customer buying behaviours.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Enable your buyers to buy and not just enable your sellers to sell
  • Learn how today’s best growth companies utilize multichannel selling across the organization
  • Discover the proof points and differentiation messages that connect with buyers today

Hosted by

Alastair Woolcock

VP Analyst

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