Information Technology

Build the Digital Dexterity of Enterprise Leaders

| 1 hour

Accelerating digital business transformation requires high levels of digital dexterity, as enterprise leaders take a greater role in managing technology in their own business areas. Digital dexterity encompasses the ambition and ability to work digitally and build digital businesses. CIOs must shift their focus to help their colleagues develop high digital dexterity across the C-suite. This complimentary webinar will help CIOs move from educating to enabling leaders across the enterprise, pressing business leaders to acknowledge their own gaps with “digital humility” and show rising leaders new approaches to identify digital opportunities.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Foster enterprise leaders’ ambitions for building digital businesses
  • Help enterprise leaders embrace the new ways of working that digital requires
  • Identify “digital translators” who can support business leaders in expanding their ownership of digital initiatives

Hosted by

Alicia Mullery

Sr Director Advisory

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