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Design Compelling R&D Careers to Attract, Engage and Retain Top Talent

| 1 hour

Recruiting and retaining key talent is the number one priority for R&D leaders in 2023. As work shifts to a more human-centric design, R&D team members are seeking radical flexibility and purposeful roles. R&D leaders need to continue to drive team-based outcomes while allowing for individualized career pathways.

However, R&D leaders need to move beyond just providing a dual-career ladder that allows for either managerial or individual contributor growth paths. They must create engaging career pathways that incorporate purpose-driven career planning, a career portfolio of varied experiences and omnidirectional career growth. Join this complimentary R&D webinar where a Gartner expert presents the latest benchmarks on what R&D team members are expecting from their careers and how progressive R&D leaders are crafting new career pathways to attract, engage and retain top R&D talent in your organization.

  • Understand team members’ expectations for their daily work and their overall career growth

  • Explore the 3 key facets of new career pathways

  • Actions to take to create a more future-focused team

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Atul Dighe

VP, Advisory

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