Information Technology

Virtual Briefing: Agile Product Delivery Can Quicken Retail & CPG Transformation

| 1 hour

Software-based processes are critical to competitiveness for retailers and consumer product goods (CPG) companies, enabling everything from a more efficient supply chain to a better customer experience. Yet, traditional project-based delivery takes too long to upgrade processes. Retailers and CPG organizations that stick with traditional application delivery approaches will quickly fall behind those that adopt a product-centric approach. A product-centric approach will help application and software engineering leaders develop applications and commerce capabilities that reduce the time it takes from imagining an improvement to delivering it in a physical or online store. This invitation-only, complimentary retail virtual briefing will cover the benefits of moving to product-centric delivery, and offer a step-by-step process to make the transition.

Understand the benefits of an agile product-delivery approach
Identify the changes you will need to make to your I&T operating model
Get a step-by-step approach to pilot and roll out a product-centric delivery approach

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