Tech and Service Providers

Virtual Briefing: Attract & Engage Tech Buyers

| 1 hour, 30 minutes

In this virtual briefing, we feature two presentations from Gartner Tech CEO advisory experts on demand generation and customer acquisition. Plus, hear from a panel of your fellow technology and service provider CEOs on how they use thought leadership to cut through the noise and generate growth at their companies during disruptive and changing times.

Prepare Your Company for a Successful Digital Demand Generation Program

Is your marketing function immature or underperforming? If you still rely on direct sales to drive customers, revenue and growth, then it is time for a change that will boost your outcomes and meet customers where they are. The past two years changed how buyers buy, requiring businesses to adapt. Also, increasing competition makes it harder to cut through the noise to generate demand for products and services. These factors place a greater emphasis on digital customer acquisition strategies. Is your company ready for an effective digital demand generation program? This exclusive, complimentary presentation will guide you through the most important steps to prime your business for a successful and scalable demand generation program.

• Learn the steps to achieve a successful and scalable demand generation program
• Cut through the noise and stand out among the competition
• Get demand generation tips from expert marketers

Attract and Engage Technology Buyers With Thought Leadership

Most marketing strategies focus on demonstrating business impact to existing business models and use cases. This method actually limits the opportunity for vendors to be seen as innovative and forward thinking. What technology buyers really want are strategic technology partners who inspire them to think differently about how to solve problems in a proven way based on experience and insight. The right messaging and content can build trust and influence buyers to engage with you earlier in the buyer’s journey and position you as a strategic partner rather than a solution to today’s business problem. In fact, 27% percent of Gartner-surveyed technology buyers cited thought leadership content as the information most likely to influence them to engage with a vendor and explore solutions further. In addition, 33% of Gartner-surveyed technology marketers from organizations with $50 million or less in revenue indicated that thought leadership content is the single-highest driver of marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) into the top of the marketing funnel.
Join this exclusive, complimentary presentation to understand what types of information attract technology buyers to further engage and explore the solutions of a provider. Learn the steps you can take to build a thought leadership strategy that positions you as a strategic advisor providing long-term customer value.
• Know which information effectively builds awareness and drives engagement with technology buyers
• Select the right thought leadership messaging and content strategy that influences your target buyers
• Discover where buyers look for thought leadership and how you can reach them effectively

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