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How to Lead and Navigate Through the Unknown

| 1 hour

What a long, strange economic trip it’s been the past three years. We’ve seen just about every phase in the cycle across the global economy: a long record-breaking expansion, a pandemic-driven shock, an overheated roaring-back, and now the most peculiar stage of all. We are caught in a triple squeeze of sustained inflation, a still-robust talent market, and continued supply chain disruption. This places new limits on executive leaders across the organization as we head into recessionary times. Through the cooling and the contradictions, keep an eye on two important constituent groups: customers and employees. You will need them both when the cycle turns again, so be careful how you treat them now. Join this complimentary cross-functional webinar as a panel of Gartner experts will help you, your staff, and your customers navigate this weird economy, where more buys less and delivery schedules are unpredictable.

  • Discover the 3 new realities that should guide your 2023 planning as inflation responses cool economies 

  • Help your customers use digital tools to combat higher prices 

  • Not all customers are human, so tap into the big new market of machine customers 

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Hosted by

Don Scheibenreif

Distinguished VP Analyst

Randeep Rathindran

VP, Research, KI Leader

Rachel Steinhardt

Director, Team Manager, KI Leader

Sanchi Bhat

Sr Principal, Research

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