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4 Steps for Combating Inflation During Vendor Negotiations

| 1 hour

Inflation is causing vendors to increase the rates they charge. However, determining what price increases are legit or for vendor growth goals has become unclear or difficult. You need to ask the right questions to identify the root cause of price increases that are blamed on inflation. Cost modeling incorporates data points from economic indicators to help you analyze the fairness of price increases. This complimentary IT webinar looks at how you can include these cost models in your negotiation strategy and playbook to optimize vendor deals and create bargaining power despite apparent rising costs.

  • Require vendors to provide root-cause cost details on price increases

  • Use economic indicator data in cost modeling to determine the fairness of new deal and renewal pricing

  • Include cost models in your negotiation playbook as powerful tools for leverage and bargaining power

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Hosted by

JoAnn Rosenberger

Distinguished VP Analyst

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