Information Technology

The Gartner 2023 Top Strategic Tech Trends: Scale Productivity & Customer Value

| 1 hour

Change is the constant in today’s world, and technology must keep pace. Thus, innovation is mandatory. IT leaders need to determine which strategic technology trends could both boost productivity and create greater customer value. Whether your enterprise needs to optimize its operations, scale its growth or pioneer new technology-led business models, you must act now or risk losing competitive advantage to those who do make the shift. This complimentary webinar, based on the Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2023, explores how IT leaders can scale productivity and customer value to help your organization withstand pressure and thrive. You will get real-world examples of how your peers are harnessing the top technology trends to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Scale vertically through industry cloud platforms

  • Scale software delivery through platform engineering

  • Scale everywhere through wireless value realization

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Hosted by

Gilbert van der Heiden

Distinguished VP Analyst

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