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How Do You Lead When the World is in Permanent Crisis Mode?

| 1 hour, 5 minutes

Between geopolitical tensions, the pandemic, the economy and climate urgency, we seem to never be out of crisis mode. If this is the new normal, how should leaders lead? Boards of directors continue to make digital acceleration and digital momentum a top business priority for enterprises and their workforces. Unfortunately, while the board is yelling, “Faster!” workers are exhausted, suffering from chronic physical and emotional fatigue. To keep employees safe and productive, management must immediately address workers’ anxiety and fatigue, and do what it can to improve work-life balance. Join this complimentary leadership webinar to get proven tactics for motivating and protecting your teams who are at the brink in terms of fatigue and anxiety, and take actions that you must get right no matter what.

  • Regain workers’ trust and revive their willingness to commit emotionally to their job

  • Discover new ways to keep employees safe and productive

  • Deal more effectively with the emotional health of your team

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Hosted by

Mary Mesaglio

Managing VP Analyst, Research

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