Finance Leaders, Reevaluate Your Cost Optimization Strategy to Drive Long-term Returns

| 1 hour

Finance leaders face a historic combination of headwinds: Inflation is at a 40-year high; talent is scarce and expensive; interest rates are rising; and we are in an endless cycle of economic and political uncertainty. The pandemic, high among several key factors, played a major role in forging this environment, compelling enterprises to seize the low-hanging fruit of cost reduction and automation and leaving them with more difficult cost structure options and tradeoffs. This complimentary webinar explores how the top finance teams use the unique selling points of their companies to hone in on a specific cost structure strategy, and how you can prioritize spending on areas that will produce the best long-term returns.

  • Identify your company's differentiators to guide cost structure and investment

  • Create KPIs with business partners to understand cost value

  • Determine optimal investment levels for the best long-term returns

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Michelle Carlsen

Director Analyst

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