CSOs, Integrate Sales and Marketing to Drive High Value Deals

| 1 hour

As B2B buyers continue to pursue transactions through both human-led and digital channels, discontinuities in their experiences are leading to lower-quality deals, purchase regret, and ultimately lost revenue. Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) must overcome the traditional barriers between sales and marketing to deliver consistent commercial engagements that enable customer learning across multiple channels. Without understanding a buyer’s learning path, sales reps will miss the opportunity to add distinctive value to course-changing digital experiences through their capacity for informed judgment and socratic teaching. Join this complimentary webinar to learn how progressive organizations align commercial strategy and operations to deliver higher value deals, and how you can diagnose your current state and best next steps. You will also hear how customer learning ultimately influences purchase decisions, and how some approaches might inadvertently stifle that learning. 

  • Enable customer learning in the context of purchase decisions

  • Identify what does a unified commercial strategy look like

  • Understand how the best organizations are breaking down barriers between sales and marketing

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Hosted by

Billy Luckey

Director, Advisory

Stephen DiFranco

VP, Executive Partner

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