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How Executives Can Recognize and Respond to Continued Disruption

| 1 hour

Disruption can come from anywhere, whether it be political, social, economical, or technological. The only long-term prediction that is accurate is that there really is no predictability. Organizations can no longer afford to treat disruptions as one-off exceptions, and executives must establish formal processes to plan for and respond to future disruptions. In this complimentary webinar, a panel of Gartner experts will share how executives can recognize disruptive trends early on and articulate potential threats and opportunities across various plausible future scenarios. You’ll gain insights into the plausible disruptions for the next 10 years, and how you and your organization can respond. 

  • Redefine what agility means and build a futurist function

  • Prepare your organization to deal with sudden disruptions 

  • Create your own overview of relevant disruptions, through a short and simple workshop

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Hosted by

Frank Buytendijk

Distinguished VP Analyst

Malcolm Murray

Managing Vice President

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