Manage Conflict Between CIOs & CFOs to Improve Digital Business Results

| 1 hour

Conflict between enterprise leaders is common as competing priorities, initiatives and a lack of resources drive executives to make competing decisions. As enterprises seek to leverage greater digital capabilities across more segments of their business, CIOs find themselves in more conflicts with more leaders about how to use technology to deliver digital business success. According to Gartner research, nearly 70% of CIOs and CFOs claim that their frequent disagreements prevent them from having great collaborative relationships. While many instinctively want to avoid these conflicts, this can make it harder to find funding for digital initiatives, keep spending in line with budget plans, and to achieve intended digital outcomes. To make the most of their organization's technology, CIOs must take the initiative to have productive conversations and improve their connection with their CFO. Join this complimentary webinar, part one of the conflict management series, to explore how CIOs can constructively manage these conflicts to create a stronger partnership with their CFOs to improve digital business results.

  • Explore common causes of conflict between CFOs and CIOs

  • Discover a process for constructively managing difficult conversations 

  • Get practical tactics to navigate hard conversations to ultimately drive a resolution and greater team success

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Chad Walker

Principal, Advisory

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