Information Technology

Generative AI in Customer Service: Deployments, Pilots, and Best Practices

| 1 hour

Generative AI (GenAI), including large language models and ChatGPT, are creating a seismic shift in customer service delivery and offer significant new opportunities. However, many of these solutions are not yet ready for production use. The areas undergoing change include operational improvements, agent performance, application design, self and assisted service, journey design and development, and user experience monitoring. With all of these opportunities and areas being impacted, how can enterprise planners effectively develop their roadmaps? This complimentary webinar will review emerging generative AI use cases and deployments, vendor approaches, and examples of successes and failures. We will also provide guidance to enterprises on how they should plan their roadmaps, and what they should prepare in terms of underlying data and organizational changes to best leverage these opportunities.

  • Understand the current and future state of GenAI in customer service

  • Gain lessons from current GenAI deployment failures, successes, and risks

  • Learn how enterprise planners should develop their roadmaps

Return to this web page to watch the webinar. Contact us at with questions about viewing this webinar.

Hosted by

Bern Elliot

Distinguished VP Analyst

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