Account Planning for Growth

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Discussion Topics:

  • How the frequency, usage and effectiveness of your account planning compare to your peers
  • How to design an account plan that creates long-term value for customers and suppliers
  • How progressive organizations conduct joint account planning with customers

Our increasingly complex sales environment makes well-executed account planning a critical lever for retaining and growing business with customers. Still, many companies struggle to drive effective account planning because sellers often view it as a way to assist management with forecasting rather than a tool to support selling. As a result, account planning often becomes a sporadic, unfocused effort. Even those sellers who deploy and leverage an account plan on a regular basis fail to move beyond the operations-focused, “binder-on-a-shelf” approach. The most successful sellers strategically use account plans to structure a strategy for serving the account and create value for the customer and supplier alike. In this complimentary webinar, we delve into the key considerations, guidance and resources that enable account planning to drive commercial growth.

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Danielle McKinley
Director, Advisory

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