Information Technology

Gartner CIO Agenda 2020 (EMEA)

| 1 hour

Are you ready to lead your organization through the next challenges you will face? There are turns coming, impacting our society, economic conditions, technological adoption, and business model innovation. How can CIOs improve the fitness of their IT organization and the enterprise to be ready to win in the next turn? In this complimentary webinar, we reveal the leadership, organizational, process and technology priorities that CIOs, especially those operating in EMEA markets, must address in the coming year.

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Discussion Topics:
  • The next challenges CIOs will face
  • How to ensure your organization is ready for the next challenges
  • Which priorities should top the agenda for EMEA CIOs and IT leaders
Hosted by

Jan-Martin Lowendahl

Distinguished VP Analyst


Tomas Nielsen

VP Analyst