Information Technology

The Future of Work and the New Work Nucleus

| 1 hour

As most organizations move to a cloud office suite such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite, they often treat these migrations as an infrastructure and operations (I&O) exercise, focusing on uptime, compliance, security, governance and full provisioning. Consequently, the impact on the employee community is minimal and buyer’s remorse hits. Yet, if we approach Office 365 or G Suite as a “new work nucleus,” the focus moves to employee enablement. We can target the best strategies to help the workforce become more collaborative, mobile, analytical and agile through the use of new work nucleus workloads. In this complimentary Gartner webinar, discover how you can move toward a new work nucleus.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Personal and team productivity applications that will have the biggest impact on the workforce
  • How to help employees embrace AI, automaton, low code development and data literacy
  • Roles and responsibilities required to drive employee technology enablement
Hosted by

Matt Cain

VP, Distinguished Analyst