Improve the Customer Experience by Reducing Customer Effort

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Discussion Topics:

  • The relationship between effort and traditional service measures (e.g. loyalty, CSAT, cost, etc.)
  • The key drivers of customer effort ("do" vs. "feel")
  • The best questions you should ask to capture customer effort in your voice of the customer (VOC)

It's no secret that the service organization is driven by metrics like average handle time (AHT), net promoter score (NPS), and customer satisfaction (CSAT). But when it comes to measuring the customer experience and driving strategic change, which metric is the most impactful? Over the past decade, our research supports that customer effort is the key metric behind becoming a world-class service organization. Join this webinar to learn the basics of measuring customer effort.

Hosted by:
Sarah Dibble
Executive Advisor
Lauren Villeneuve
Executive Advisor

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