Living With Digital: From Business Innovation to Societal Disruption

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Discussion Topics:

  • How solutionism - the belief that all big problems in the world have benign technological solutions - does more harm than good
  • How digital innovation is less about solutions and more about balancing fundamental dualities in society, such as freedom and safety, or individuality and the collective
  • What you need to address in your organization to get it right

Leading companies across varied industries move from "just" digital business to using technology to tackle society's larger issues. "Identity" becomes about who you are in the digital society. "Access" becomes about being able to participate in, well, life. This provocative, fast-paced webinar argues that the Silicon Valley way of creating a better world is short-sighted and misguided. What will be your story?

Hosted by:
Frank Buytendijk
Distinguished VP, Analyst

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