The Art of the 1-Page Strategy

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Discussion Topics:

  • How do you create your business strategy on a single page
  • Why is this approach more effective than more traditional approaches to strategy
  • How to help executives see what must be clear in the strategy
  • Which roles are responsible for a one-page strategy, and how long does it take to create

Strategic planning is at the heart of every enterprise, and CIOs are often concerned with aligning information and technology activities with the business strategy. Companies that are leaders in digital business do not distinguish between "business" and "IT" - there is one story for business success and that is the business story. In this unique complimentary live video Q&A webinar, Gartner expert and creator of the Art of the 1-Page strategy, Heather Colella, answers questions other webinar attendees have asked her during her previous webinar on this topic. Find out how to create your strategy, and ask your own questions to Heather Colella.

Hosted by:
Heather Colella
VP Analyst

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