Customer Service and Support

Rethink Your Digital & Self-Service Strategy to Achieve Organizational Resiliency

| 1 hour

During the COVID-19 crisis, leading with self-service can transform your organization’s cost to serve and improve customer experience. Customers tend to prefer self-service over assisted channels as it is readily available and eliminates wait time with an agent. Self-service options must be designed for low effort and high success, or customers will abandon and switch to higher-cost assisted channels. This complimentary webinar will help you identify the most effective self-service strategy and navigate how to quickly direct customers to the correct channel during this crisis.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Identify and prioritize self-service channel and capability investments
  • Increase customer adoption of self-service capabilities
  • Measure self-service channel effectiveness
Hosted by

Philip Jenkins

Sr Director Analyst


John Quaglietta

Sr Director Analyst