Information Technology

Leading Through COVID-19: Education's Evolving Response

| 1 hour

The COVID-19 pandemic monumentally broadsided K-12, Higher Education, and the rest of the world. Amid the overwhelming chaos, education CIOs are being asked to make major decisions quickly and, in some cases, to add digital capabilities that the organization or institution never had before. Thus, it is critical to understand how to quickly evaluate where you are today, what's next, and how to position the organization for the future. In this complimentary Q&A session, Gartner experts reveal how to view the crisis in stages and answer your most-pressing questions on how CIOs can navigate this future.

Discussion Topics:
  • Avoid getting overwhelmed by immediate demands
  • Evaluate the institution's "capability gaps" to position it for the future
  • Create momentum to help the organization make progress on its digital goals
Hosted by

Tony Sheehan

Sr Director Analyst

Kelly Calhoun Williams

VP Analyst