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Leading Through COVID-19: Adapting B2B Digital Marketing Strategies to Build Confidence

| 1 hour

COVID-19 has made one thing abundantly clear: brands and companies that are flexible with their marketing tactics stand a better chance of overcoming the different phases of the pandemic. Just like their peers across other industries and go-to-market models, B2B brands are not spared from this hard reality. This complimentary webinar explores ways in which B2B brands have used digital channels to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, and offers foundational best practices to build and sustain customer confidence.

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Discussion Topics:
  • B2B buyer behavior and barriers to purchase
  • The shift in communications on brand-owned websites and digital campaigns
  • Digital marketing best practices to help your company build and sustain customer engagement
Hosted by

Kyle Rees

Director, Team Manager


Cody Stack

Director, Team Manager