Information Technology

Infrastructure & Operations - Respond, Recover, and Renew

| 1 hour

The COVID-19 outbreak reinforces the importance of effective infrastructure and operations, with I&O teams taking bold actions to meet the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic response. The key concerns lie in immediate business needs, the areas requiring attention as on site duty is restored, and the steps that I&O can take to make itself and the organization stronger in the rebound after the pandemic.This complimentary webinar looks at how I&O leaders and CIOs can address the technology, staffing, and business challenges posed by the current crisis.

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Discussion Topics:
  • How I&O must respond to the immediate challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Addressing value, cost, and risk gaps once the COVID-19 pandemic begins to subside
  • Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic to increase I&O’s long-term contribution
Hosted by

Roger Williams

VP Analyst