Human Resources

Reengineer Workforce Planning for Cost Savings and Transformation

| 1 hour

Business disruption increased 260% in the last five years, and if anything, COVID-19 further turbocharged this disruption. However, even before the pandemic, chief human relations officers (CHROs) cited emerging tasks and responsibilities as the most disruptive change facing their workforce. Now, with COVID-19 upending this challenge, it begs the question, what if organizations have unconsciously been building the wrong workforce by relying on roles? This webinar will address the necessity to know where you need to reassign roles by skill and build internal skill sets for the future.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Address workforce planning with a skill-based approach
  • Best-in-class companies use skill-based planning to gain a competitive edge
  • Track all competitors to create opportunistic build, buy, and borrow strategies
Hosted by

Scott Engler

VP, Advisory