Information Technology

How Midsize Enterprise CIOs and CFOs Align During Disruption

| 1 hour

During disruptive times, financial plans and IT strategies shift to accommodate changes in cash flow and technology demand. In that environment, how can midsize enterprise CIOs best position their IT budget to their CFO? In this complimentary webinar, CIOs will receive a glimpse into the CFOs’ world to determine how to best position IT capital investments for the organization to respond, recover, and renew.

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Discussion Topics:
  • How the CIO can reframe I&T budget proposals to align with CFO terminology
  • How to build an IT investment business case amid disruption that will resonate with the CFO
  • How to challenge your CFO to fund large growth initiatives during a crisis
Hosted by

Vivek Swaminathan

VP, Team Manager


Alexander Bant

Practice Vice President

Mark Carroll

VP Analyst