Information Technology

Gartner Invest Series: COVID-19’s Impact on Security Spend

| 1 hour

The COVID-19 crisis will negatively impact security, much like it has other segments of IT. However, some security spending will not be discretionary. Certain demands cannot be ignored, such as endpoint protection, mobile threat security, and cloud security. This complimentary webinar offers a broad view of the impact of COVID-19 on security spending. We will explore findings from Gartner’s “Invest Insight: COVID-19’s Impact on Remote Work Security Segments,” providing clearer expectations from the near- and long-term impact of the crisis on each segment of the Gartner security forecast.

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Discussion Topics:
  • COVID-19’s negative impact on the 2020 security market
  • Why you should expect a reduction of growth in security software and services
  • Security segments that will face pressure and those that will fare better in the short term
Hosted by

Frank Marsala

VP Analyst