Information Technology

Panel Discussion: Use AI to Fight Through COVID-19 and to Recover

| 1 hour

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers powerful technologies that must be used in the battle against COVID-19, the unfolding economic crisis, and also how we reshape our workplace as the pandemic subsides. To be effective, we must turn the promise of AI into pragmatic and concrete applications. In this complimentary webinar, a panel of Gartner experts looks at where we can use AI to resolve the healthcare, economic and digital transformation challenges, and the steps we must take to make that happen.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Use AI in detecting, containing, and developing a vaccine for COVID-19
  • How AI can help prepare and enable our return to the workplace
  • How AI can accelerate digital transformation
Hosted by

Whit Andrews

Distinguished VP Analyst


Erick Brethenoux

VP Analyst


Laura Craft

VP Analyst


Pieter J. den Hamer

Sr Director Analyst