Information Technology

The I&O Leaders Guide to Gartner’s Cost Intelligence Framework

| 1 hour

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to quick cost-cutting actions for many infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders, who, more often than not, are already running with very lean budgets. But the question lingers, now what? Having made the cuts, I&O leaders’ cost-intelligence approach should provide additional insight into further actions to take. This complimentary webinar delves into the Gartner cost management framework. We will explore cost reductions, cost optimization and business value realization -- in essence,- the what, when, and how of cost intelligence.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Establish the most effective use of a lean budget
  • I&O leaders’ cost-intelligence approach
  • The what, when, and how of cost intelligence
Hosted by

Duncan Prosser

Sr Director Analyst