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How Connector Managers Lead Through Disruption: Authors’ Insights

| 1 hour

The managerial role has increased in importance during these times of great uncertainty. In this complimentary webinar, part of our Leading HR Through the Reset series, learn how the best managers lead their teams through disruption. Gartner experts Jaime Roca and Sari Wilde, authors of “The Connector Manager: Why Some Leaders Build Exceptional Talent — and Others Don’t,” are joined by HR expert Scott Engler to share insights and answer your questions about how Connector leaders can coach, develop and engage their teams amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Discussion Topics:
  • How the connector approach can help leaders engage teams and improve productivity
  • Connector leaders who effectively manage their teams through COVID-19 and other crises
  • Actions you can take to help your managers adopt connector behaviors
Hosted by

Scott Engler

VP, Advisory


Sari Wilde

Managing Vice President


Jaime Roca

Senior Vice President