Human Resources

Ethics, Privacy, and Employee Data in Extraordinary Times

| 1 hour

The ethics around gathering and using employee data were complex before a global pandemic. Now, individual health status has a material impact on the safety and well-being of the entire workforce. Those advancing a return-to-the-workplace agenda do so in the context of relaxed laws and regulations, as well as changing employee expectations around what is “fair” to gather and use. For employees who are working from home offices, all interactions have become electronically traceable, dramatically expanding the wealth of other talent data. In this complimentary webinar, part of our Leading HR Through the Reset series, learn how managing the balance between what could be done and what should be done will require a reset on what it means to uphold ethical use of employee data.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Components of ethical decision making around employee data
  • Changing standards and practices for employee health data
  • New ways to use talent data to improve both business operations and employee experience
  • Insights from featured compliance, privacy and HR executive panelists
Hosted by

Molly Tipps

Director, Advisory