Information Technology

Use Gartner's Postpandemic Planning Framework for Digital Business Growth

| 45 minutes

When you read the news and talk to business colleagues, it quickly becomes clear that although we are all experiencing this pandemic, our paths vary widely. Some enterprises see huge surges in business, while many suffer the exact opposite. The pandemic is the largest, most asymmetric crisis in our history. We are not all uniformly going to follow a U, V, W or L curve, even if our GDP does. Gartner created the Post-Pandemic Planning Framework to help enterprises plan for the different possible pathways out of the pandemic. This complimentary webinar looks at how you can use the framework to find your proper post-pandemic path and become a more digital business.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Why COVID-19 is the largest, most asymmetric crisis in our history
  • Prepare exits through the stages of the pandemic
  • Plan to be a more digital business as a result of the pandemic
Hosted by

Hung LeHong

Distinguished VP Analyst