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Use Gartner Reset Scenarios to Move From Survival to Renewal

| 1 hour

In order to move your organization from survival to renewal during this pandemic you must master certain uncertainties. The Gartner Reset Scenario helps you find your best path to success. In this complimentary webinar, a panel of Gartner experts shares four plausible scenarios for the future and how to succeed in each. They also identify signposts and indicators that a particular scenario is emerging so you can act to position your organization for growth in the face of ongoing disruption.

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Discussion Topics:
  • The top uncertainties driven by COVID-19
  • Plausible futures and how to prepare
  • Signposts, indicators and strategic actions to take in response
Hosted by

Chet Geschickter

VP Analyst


David Furlonger

Distinguished VP Analyst


Jeff Cribbs

VP Analyst